Here are the questions most frequently asked by our customers. If you can’t find the answer to your question, contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

How do I know if I can get my health investment reimbursed?

1- If your group insurance covers expenses related to kinesiology, naturopathy and nutrition, our services could be practically free!


Many of our trainers are accredited members of the Kinesiology Federation of Québec, the Professional Order of Dieticians/Nutritionists of Québec or the Canadian Therapists Association of Alternative Medicine, so they can issue you receipts for reimbursement for their services. Ask your group insurance company today to find out if you are eligible! Otherwise, we can still issue you a receipt for tax purposes.


2- If your employer offers a health allowance in relation to physical activity and wellbeing.

Why should I train with a private coach in the comfort of my home?
  • Practice in a safe environment and we will respect your limits to avoid injuries
  • Motivation and pleasure to stay the course towards your goals
  • Creativity of kinesiologists who will make you integrate physical activity even outside of your training sessions
How does a private coaching work?
  • Medical questionnaires, physical activity and needs evaluation
  • Development of a tailored training program
  • Training under the supervision of a kinesiologist on a schedule that works for you
Can I choose the frequency of my sessions?

The short answer, YES!


Depending on your goals, your schedule and your financial means, the frequency of training can vary completely, or even be modified along the way. For beginners and people who want to maintain their motivation or make physical activity a habit, you can plan 2-3 sessions per week. For those who are more independent and wish to review their program occasionally, a monthly or bi-monthly follow-up works just as well.


In any case, Kinergex offers above all a service that aims to meet your needs, whatever they may be!

What can I expect to pay for a session?

Investing in your health is priceless! However, to plan your health budget, you can expect between $34.99 and $94.99 per private training session. The duration, number, and type of session (virtual or face-to-face) influences the price. A variety of options are available to suit every budget.

Which part of Québec do you serve?

In virtual private training, you could be on your boat in the Canary Islands, and we could accompany you. For in-person appointments, we cover most of the cities in Québec. Give us a call today to find out if we serve your region.

Do you offer nutritional services?

Yes! Whether it is for weight loss, muscle mass gain or simply optimizing your energy level, diet plays a key role.


This is why our team also includes qualified nutritionists. Nutrition evaluation, food plan, and follow-ups are offered.

Do I need exercise equipment at home?

NO! Our kinesiologists use creative ways to make you work with your body weight, everyday objects or even some equipment that you already have but that is gathering dust in the back of a closet.

If I do want to buy equipment, what should I get?

Resistance bands: https://plusfit.ca?ref=8

Yoga or exercise mat

Exercise ball (big ball)

Small dumbbells

Stairs, a bench, or step

Can my coach adapt my program for outside?

Of course!


There is nothing better than a big breath of fresh air to maximize the benefits of a training session.


Studies show a close link between better stress management and contact with nature.

If I have never trained or am in very poor physical condition, can I still use your services?



With a kinesiologist dedicated to your well-being and who accompanies you closely, starting physical activity or regaining control of your health has never been easier.

Can you help me recover from an injury?

YES! After the acute phase of rehabilitation, kinesiologists can help you continue your journey of regaining strength and function. This will reduce the recurrence of injuries and improve functional abilities.