Give a taste of the pleasure of living with a healthy lifestyle


By facilitating the establishment of healthy lifestyle habits through physical activity, nutrition, stress management and sleep. All of this is possible thanks to the personalized support provided by our qualified coaches (university graduates in the science of physical activity – kinesiologists)

Our commitment

Since day one, our approach has been based on transparency, professionalism, flexibility, discipline, and most importantly, fun! Starting in January 2010, we have and continue to adapt to the needs of our clients, their environment, and their schedule to provide services tailored to every lifestyle.

Our team at Kinergex

Mathieu Leduc - B.Sc Kinesiology

Kinesiologist, Founding President

Lisa Hananne - B.Sc Kinesiology


Jordan Lefebvre - B. Sc Kinesiology


Guillaume Gagné - B.Sc Kinesiology


Étienne Roussel - B. Sc. Kinesiology

Kinesiologist student

Ali Hammoud - B.Sc Kinesiology